Amy Cast for Northshore

Working Together For Northshore's Future

Re-Elect Amy Cast for Northshore School Board, District #5

Thank you Northshore!

The final votes have been counted, and we are honored and humbled to announce that Amy's campaign has carried her through to a win.

"With Amy Felt sending me her congratulatons, it is time to turn my eyes away from the campaign and towards continuing to serve this incredible community for the next four years.

There are many things I’d like to express as we move forward. First of all, gratitude. My friends and family continue to astound me with their level of support for my campaigns and school board service. I’d also like to say a sincere thank you to everyone I have talked with, laughed with, dug into difficult topics with, and met over these last several months of campaigning. In every corner of Northshore, there are amazing people who are focused on strengthening our community. Perhaps there is no big surprise that the most insightful interactions I had along the way were with students. And lastly, I’d like to say a sincere thank you to everyone who stepped forward to run for office. It takes a strong desire for public service to put oneself out there and take time away from family and other responsibilities. It was a big commitment on everyone’s part, and our community is better for it.

For people who have come to me, concerned about fractures they feel in our community, I’d like to remind them that our schools are the fabric that weave our community together. We are all united in the common mission to nurture each child and prepare them for their future. That’s why I am dedicated to never turning away from hard questions, to encouraging everyone to reserve judgement about others, and to never forget to be humble as we seek to grow in our service to our students.

I am deeply honored to be able to continue to serve this community, and I look forward to working with everyone for the next four years.

With deepest respect,


Amy is committed to:

Equitable Educational Excellence for Every Student

To prepare our each of our students for a successful future, we need to focus on providing the best programs, curriculum and supports for each student no matter their background. Amy has led program improvements, strategic plan processes and has removed barriers for students in order to support the whole child as they fulfill their unique potential. This work is critical as we support our students as they recover from the pandemic.

Supporting the Whole Child

We must nurture a culture in our schools where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued with expanded mental health supports, social-emotional programs to support recovery from the pandemic, a culture of belonging for all, and healthy start times.

On the Forefront of Educational Equity

Since 2016, Amy has been working to remove systematic and cultural barriers so we can serve each student in our community. Our Equity Policy, written in partnership with our community, prioritizes improving access to all our programs, improving the cultural competency of our materials and curriculum, recruiting and retaining highly qualified diverse staff, expanding community and family engagement, and ensuring professional learning and growth for everyone in Northshore.

Working Tirelessly for Our Students

Amy fought tirelessly to support our students, staff and community during the pandemic. She found resources so Northshore could quickly pivot to keep providing education while our community dealt with surging coronovirus rates. Then she quickly rallied for extra resources to support a safe and sustainable reopening in the Spring of 2021. Amy passionately scrambled for new mental health counselors, funding for free meals, on-site COVID testing in our schools, and local vaccine clinics for staff, students and community members. Now the district is focusing on the future, with special summer programs, personalized meetings for every student receiving special education services, more mental health support and a transparent, detailed 12 page recovery plan that prioritizes relationships, supports, and inquiry based learning.


We live in a vibrant and quickly growing region. We need the processes, structures and partnerships to respond to enrollment, financial and demographic changes. Amy has researched and implemented improvements to our support structures, processes and partnerships to keep us nimble in a time of great change.


The education of our community's children is a responsibility that requires constant dialogue to ensure the best outcomes for our students. Educating our community’s children requires a passion for seeking input and truly listenting to our parents, educators and - most importantly - the students themselves.


Having honest and humble conversations about the use of our finances, and what results they give us, is a critical part of continuous improvement in any organization. Amy has taken concrete steps to improve how the board conducts its business and utilizes our resources entrusted to the district by our taxpayers.


The leadership of the school district has a responsibility to set an example for our children. From the smallest interaction to the greatest decisions, Amy has dedicated herself to conducting the work of the district in a way that purposefully respects and incorporates all points of view.

Wondering about Amy's work in Northshore over the last five years, and how it impacted students? Download this PDF Summary for over 4 pages of information.

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Amy looks forward to meeting you and discussing our district's future as the campaign progresses.
Email her at if you'd like to work with her to support our children's future.

Re-Elect Amy Cast for Northshore School Board of Directors, District 5.

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